The term “pinhooking” is an old Kentucky tobacco term.  Some say the word was originated by speculators who bought and then sold the same tobacco in the auction houses of Bratton’s Mill, KY.  It seems the town of Bratton’s Mill was also known as Pinhook (located in Robertson County).  Buying plants low and selling high would return substantial profit for the speculators. In terms of thoroughbred auctions, pinhooking describes the practice of buying young horses, overseeing their development, and selling them as racing prospects. is a an operation that caters to buyers in the public and private arena. We use advanced analytics, historical data, and the good old fashioned “eye test” when selecting horses.

On the breeding side, we will aim to keep between two and seven broodmares.  Our Partners use data metrics, bloodstock agents, and even astrology charts for mating selections.  It really is a mixture of art and science.  We might also get a little wild and bring one to the racetrack on occasion.

Performance is the most significant part of the profit margin. In simple terms, if the horse is a good mover, the upside can be very substantial.